Verizon Is Twitter-Stalking Competitors’ Angry Customers
Kashmir Hill,

Ver­i­zon is mon­i­tor­ing Twit­ter bet­ter than the NSA mon­i­tors phone calls. All com­pa­nies have become pseudo-stalkers on social media, their Twit­ter spe­cial­ists leap­ing into @ction when they see peo­ple com­plain­ing about a late plane,…

The Console War Is Over: The PC Already Won
Marco Chiappetta,

Despite a declin­ing over­all PC mar­ket, gam­ing sys­tems are alive and well. So alive, in fact, that the PC gam­ing seg­ment is already twice the size of the con­sole gam­ing mar­ket – and grow­ing. A report just released by John Ped­die Researc…

How To Send Email Without Leaving Any Data Traces
Adam Tanner,

The unfold­ing rev­e­la­tions of gov­ern­ment spy­ing on pri­vate emails and com­mu­ni­ca­tions have prompt­ed a good deal of busi­ness for star­tups and big­ger firms that sell tools to encrypt email to high­er stan­dards than eas­i­ly avail­able…

Snaps To Riches: The Rise Of Snapchat Celebrities
Ellen Huet,

Shaun McBride takes no risks when draw­ing a Snapchat. He takes screen­shots instead, to pro­tect his works in progress in case of calami­ty.

“If 20 peo­ple decide to send me a snap at the same time, my app will crash and I’ll lose my work,” he…

How Your Security System Could Be Hacked To Spy On You
Kashmir Hill,

On a recent Fri­day evening, Logan Lamb and his girl­friend turned up at a co-worker’s birth­day party in Knoxville, Ten­nessee with a 12-pack of cheap beer, 4 craft beers for the birth­day boy, and some hack­ing tools, name­ly a software-defined…

HBO Announces New ‘Game Of Thrones’ Season 5 Cast Members At Comic Con
Allen St. John,

HBO intro­duced a series of new char­ac­ters for the upcom­ing sea­son 5 of its hit series Game of Thrones at Comic Con on Fri­day.

Many of the new addi­tions are rel­a­tives of the (spoil­er alert) depart­ed Oberyn Martell. Alexan­der…

How Big Data And The Internet Of Things Will Change The Postal Service
Federico Guerrini,

Do you pos­sess “exper­tise and crit­i­cal knowl­edge of the Inter­net of Things, data strat­e­gy and ana­lyt­ics, and the Postal Ser­vice’s oper­a­tions, infra­struc­ture, prod­ucts and ser­vices”? You might try and send your pro­pos­als to the…

Corporate colonisation of cyberspace
Marwan Bishara,

It is time to counteract the stranglehold of corporate monopoly on net neutrality.

I love the fact that every time I buy a bot­tle of Fairy Liq­uid, I am help­ing over­throw a dic­ta­tor some­where around the world. Proc­tor & Gam­ble, the…

Instagram is brands’ best bet for consumer engagement
Abigail Silverman,

But not for long. Accord­ing to new research from For­rester, the plat­form’s pop­u­lar­i­ty will wane as more brands jump on the bandwagon.Given the steady stream of Insta­gram posts gen­er­at­ed by the fash­ion set, which reach­es a fever pitch…